Instructions for beginners on playing slots

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular every day, and more and more users are registering on the sites for the first time in the hope of replenishing their balance with a large amount of the promised jackpot. There are quite a few strategies for the gaming process on slot machines that beginners will master much later if they do not lose their financial reserve when taking their first steps in the institution.


In order to prevent bankruptcy of new players, experienced users often come to the rescue with wise advice, who have been visiting the casino regularly for a long time and have already known the taste of victory and the bitterness of defeat.

There are basic rules that experienced players adhere to in order not to squander their fortune and enrich themselves with winnings at the casino:

  • Place bets on free money. It is not worth trying your luck when there are no funds for the basic necessities of life;
  • It is important to set certain monetary limits, beyond which you should not go;
  • Choose financial limits in accordance with your bankroll;
  • Use the demo version of the slot for learning. In such modes, you do not need to bet, but you can understand the basic principles and strategies of the gameplay;
  • Don’t give in to emotions. Play in strict accordance with the decisions and strategies made with the help of the mind;
  • Do not make work out of slots. This is just entertainment that can both bring money and take it away.

Main game terms

As in any business, in order to start practice, you need to study the theoretical part well. The same can be said about playing slots, where not only luck dominates, but also an understanding of the basic principles of the gameplay and terms.

The main concept in the game on slots is the payline. This term means the line on the slot machine, on which the combination will be considered lucky. In classic applications, payouts were based on making combinations in the middle of the game board. As a rule, users waited for the same signs in order to receive their due profit. However, with the development of online casinos and the emergence of a wide variety of slot machines with plots for every taste, more complex combinations have appeared, which can be either in the form of a straight line, or a zigzag or diagonal. It all depends on the imagination of the developers of a particular slot.

The player is given the choice of the number of lines on which he wants to try his luck. Their number also varies depending on the developers of a particular application and can be in the tens or even hundreds. After that, you need to spin the slot until the same symbols appear on the selected lines. In accordance with the payout table, the player’s profit is calculated.

The paytable is a kind of set of rules for a specific slot, which the user must be familiar with before placing bets. It depends on her how much the player should count on with a lucky combination, and which symbols can bring the maximum profit.

About game symbols

When developing slot applications, experts often use identical symbols so that the player does not get confused when moving from machine to machine, but can immediately proceed to the next game. All sign values ​​can be divided into 4 categories:

  1. Wild is a kind of bonus in the fight for the jackpot. In a situation where there are 4 identical symbols in the line and one Wild, the player receives the winnings by calculation if all 5 cells are the same. The more such bonuses in the line, the larger the amount to be paid to the player;
  2. Expanding Wilds or an expanding Wild are identical in their meaning to a regular bonus, but they do not affect a single cell, but the entire line at once, thus forming unique combinations that can bring huge cash dividends;
  3. Stacked Wilds or Compound Wilds are also similar in functionality to the previous categories, but have multiple parts. They are collected into several cells in one symbol and thus help to make a rare combination with a good profit;
  4. Scatters are the rarest symbols when playing slots, but when they appear, the player is given the opportunity to get additional money in the bonus game.
    Bonuses in slots
    Bonus games or rounds are activated in the event of the occurrence of the corresponding combinations, usually indicated in the paytable, or when symbols from the Scatter category appear. Such lucky breaks don’t come around very often, but the player can still get richer or receive useful gifts to further the process.

As a rule, developers prescribe bonus rounds in their slots in different ways. In some machines, the user receives several free spins, and in other applications, you can enter a separate additional win-win lottery.