What is RTP

Return To Player Rate

Return To Player Rate or RTP is the user’s theoretical income when playing a particular slot. As a rule, this indicator is prescribed by the administration of the online casino on the machine page and is calculated as a percentage. The higher the value is indicated, the more chances you have to receive cash rewards from your bets.


For example, a player starts making spins in a slot with an RTP of 70%. With a given theoretical income from 10 bets of $10, there is a chance of getting $70 in winnings.

Player bet level

Each slot implies several financial values ​​in the form of bets. The machine itself offers to choose a certain bet level, according to which the final profit of the user is calculated in the future in case of a winning combination on the line.

Accordingly, the higher the selected level, the greater dividends can be expected. The main thing for a beginner is to correctly distribute their financial capabilities and not squander everything in the first spins.



One of the most difficult concepts when starting to play slots is volatility. This term defines the correspondence of the number of lucky combinations to the amount of dividends from them. At first glance, volatility resembles the theoretical income of a player, so beginners often get confused between these two concepts.

Volatility determines how big the winnings will be on a particular slot. If this machine often makes combinations that are successful for the user, then you should not expect big profits on it. It will rarely exceed the amount of bets. Such slots have a low percentage of volatility and therefore they are often recommended for beginners.

More experienced users, accustomed to risky bets, choose machines with a high volatility value. On such slots, lucky values ​​on the line fall out not so often, but the profit from them is much higher and can be a nice compensation for all the losing spins.